I will never blame you for your dog’s behaviour because it’s NOT your fault. So much pressure and guilt are put on dog owners and we get blamed for everything our dog does. So, when you have a reactive dog, it’s non-stop blame and evil eyes. 👀

I want you to know it’s NOT your fault. I’ve worked with reactive dogs for over a decade now and I’ve learned that 99% of the reactive dogs have never experienced trauma, and almost everyone I’ve worked with have socialised their dog in different ways and still got the same result.

My big conclusion after all these years is that a big chunk of the behaviour is genetic. So, your dog most likely came pre-programmed to be reactive. That said, it can still be changed. Even though we all have genes we carry from our parents and grandparents, we can still step out of those tracks and make a new path for ourselves.

So no, your actions have most likely not made your dog reactive. And there is hope. I promise. ❤️

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