Ulrika Marwick
Coach for busy mums of reactive dogs
Problemhund stressad hund reaktiv hund hjälp
Did you want that lovely family dog that anyone could walk and that greeted every visitor with a calm tail-wag? Instead you ended up with a barking and lunging one that everyone (that doesn’t know him/her) are scared of?

We can change this!

I have developed a training program with a unique holistic approach that gets results without adding hours to your busy schedule.

As a busy mum and business owner I understand how it feels to be stuck in a daily spiral of shame and frustration over your dog’s behaviour. I’ve been there myself, but there is hope, I promise!

I’ve dedicated the last decade working with reactive dogs. I’m a specialist and expert in this and my clients often say they get results with me when they didn’t before. Why?

Because I do things differently! I have a unique holistic approach and all coaching programs are especially designed to fit your busy mum life . So, if you’re ready for something different and innovative, you’re in the right place!

Best of all, all coaching is done via zoom so we can fit it in when it suits you, between pick ups and dinners.

Problemhund stressad hund reaktiv hund hjälp

“In these few weeks we have already come further than all the other trainers has taken us.
I recommend Ulrika to anyone with reactive or insecure dogs.”




What does previous clients say?


“Working with Ulrika was the BEST thing we have done for Kosmos and for our little family.

We feel an INDESCRIBABLE RELIEF and JOY now. We are calm and have confidence in ourselves and we can now also trust our little (big) Kosmos, who is now a calmer teenager of 21 months. Thousand thanks!!!”


“Highly recommend Ulrika! We got to try a lot and filled the training toolbox properly. The online conversations mixed with educational videos were great and Ulrika is super professional and pedagogical.”


“I am so happy that I chose to contact you, and really want to emphasize how important this has been for me, but above all for Noah. Now it feels like we have a good balance as a basis to work from. It was a vicious circle we were in, but we got out of it. I am so proud of Noah!”

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