Winnie & Wolfgang

“We had such a lovely stress free walk this morning!! Despite seeing multiple dogs at a distance.

I am so truly grateful for all the advice and guidance you’ve given us! I can’t believe how quick this progress has been, and of course today may have been just a good day but what a difference it makes! I’m so proud of both of them. “



“Working with Ulrika was the BEST thing we’ve done for Kosmos and for our little family.

Ulrika has a natural feeling for dogs and she does everything the opposite of all the other trainers we have trained with. She is absolutely amazing and she turned everything around.


We feel an INDESCRIBABLE RELIEF and JOY now. We are calm and have confidence in ourselves and we can now also trust our little (big) Kosmos, who is now a calmer teenager of 21 months. Thousand thanks!!!”


“I just say SUPER well done Ulrika!!! Both online and recorded videos to watch. Now I have a great toolbox to bring with me to manage Cosmo’s stress and reactivity and not forget my own action of course 😉”


“Highly recommend Ulrika! We got to try a lot and filled the toolbox properly. The online conversations mixed with educational videos were great and Ulrika is super professional and pedagogical”


“Have already recommended this to several dog owners who have said they are experiencing problems with their dogs.
A great form of coaching where during zoom meetings you get concrete tips and tailored exercises to work with your particular problem areas, and always in a very positive and supportive way – both for dog and human.

A mixture of theory and practice where you both gain an understanding of what your dog needs, as well as receive direct feedback on how you can adapt to make it as good as possible for your particular dog. In addition, the platform provides access to theoretical briefings and educational videos on exercises. You quickly see results and feel that you are finally on the right track!”


“I am so happy that I chose to contact you in particular, and really want to emphasize how important this has been for me, but above all for Noah. Now it feels like we have a good balance as a basis to work from. There will be hard times days and difficult dog meetings, but now we have the tools to work through the difficult meetings and also the time after.

[…] I have appreciated that you really work with the basics; no quick fixes, but you really get to grips with the underlying causes of the problems. This was the reason why I chose to work with you. If I compare Noah now and last fall, first of all his rest is of higher quality, which has changed EVERYTHING we do. His stomach also feels so much better and this means that we have the conditions to continue working on the dog meetings. I now understand how bad he must have felt last fall, when his stomach was out of balance with both diarrhea and vomiting almost daily, and he couldn’t relax indoors and get the rest he needed. It was a vicious circle we were in, but we got out of it. I’m so proud of Noah!”


“Nino is doing really well, he is like a different dog now. Not as stressed, can calm down quickly even when he gets stressed. He learns and listens, can be loose and stops when called. So very nice! We are so happy 🤗

Ulrika is a great girl who in a simple and educational way explains the dog’s but also our behavior and the consequences it has in everyday life. We have found each other and created a bond now between us and our furry friend on a level we might not have found otherwise. Highly recommend Ulrika and her way of helping dog owners!”


“I am currently taking your reactive dog online course with our dog Obi. We have been making small progress with Obi and his reactivity but in the last few weeks I have really started to see big progress. Today Obi had his best dog meeting ever!

I really just wanted to say thank you for all the help I received through your online course. I have learned so much and am so proud of Obi!”


I have had private coaching with Ulrika and I’m incredibly impressed with both her competence and pedagogy. Great set-up  and perfect with recorded videos to watch between meetings. Got a great toolbox to take with us to deal with stress and reactivity. Lots of bonus knowledge too! Highly recommend!


Ulrika is fantastically knowledgeable! Pleasant, educational, calm, positive and treats the dogs with such respect. Very good explanations so you understand why the dog reacts the way it does and great exercises that are as if tailored just for you!
I look forward to our training and am sure that it will take us a long way forward.
The focus of our private online coaching was to create calmness for the dog to cope with all the triggers our dog has.
In these few weeks, we have already come further than all the training of others has taken us.
Recommends Ulrika to anyone with reactive or insecure dogs.⭐
Thanks for the help, Ulrika.
We’ll see you again soon when we’ve had time with all the great tips! ❤


Feels like Ulrika has an answer to any question you could ask about dogs!
Incredible knowledge ⭐️


Ulrika is undoubtedly the best dog trainer I’ve ever been to. So good at explaining things and teaching. Her online courses are great, if you live too far away. I recommend everyone to attend them, because you learn so much about your dog and dog training that gives results in the long run.


Ulrika is very educational, confident and knowledgeable. We have taken the course reasonably fido and learned a lot that helped us move forward in the training. We will absolutely continue to take more courses with Ulrika to learn more and get even more tools/exercises.

Client Stories


Thule and his amazing owner started working with me a few months ago and his biggest problem was relaxing. He had a hard time relaxing when a lot was happening around him. This is why I get especially happy when I get this fantastic video of the world’s coolest dog in a really difficult environment. 

Check out the video here! 👇

Thule – A really cool dog

Madeleine & Cosmo

This story has taken a long time to write because I still get emotional when I think about Allan/Cosmo’s journey and that I got to be a part of it.

“Cosmo understands more now what we want to do and has an easier time calming himself down when he gets stressed. Goes to bed and sleeps on his own instead of continuing to run around like before. “

The full story of Cosmos can be read here:

Allan/Cosmo – A Sheltie close to my heart

Noah & Alicia

Noah, a cautious Shetland Sheepdog who barked at dogs on walks and was easily stressed.

“He has become SIGNIFICANTLY calmer on the walk, got a better quality of rest, has become more confident”

Read the full story here:

Noah – A nervous Sheltie

Nino & Lotta

Nino found it extremely difficult to relax and froze as soon as he saw a person on the walk, but has changed completely since then. 

” Nino is doing really well, he is like a different dog now.”

Read the whole story here:

Feedback from Nino

Pepper & Sanna

Pepper, a small mixed breed who was rehomed at a young age, started lashing out and barking at other dogs on walks early on. We worked on Pepper’s calmness, optimism and the ability to ignore other dogs on the walk. Now he can easily walk past another dog without bother and has even made some canine friends.