Nino found it extremely difficult to relax and froze as soon as he saw a person on the walk, but has changed completely since then. Here is his story. 

“we constantly had a bad conscience that it was often our fault but now we have gained so many tools and understanding for him in his actions in everyday life.”

Nino’s lovely owner Lotta described him as:

“Anxious, skeptical, pessimistic and a little afraid of things. Even things that happen daily and he recognises. Hard to listen, unfocused when walking, etc.”

We worked a lot on Nino’s stress management because everything stressed him out, and of course his optimism so that weird things no longer triggered him. I also quickly realized that Nino was a very inflexible dog and that a lot of his stress came from frustration. Therefore, Nino and Lotta had to work a lot on flexibility, so that Nino finally realised that he didn’t need to be stressed if things didn’t go his way. Today, Lotta describes that:

“He’s learned to listen better, he’s more focused, still a pessimistic skeptic which is his personality but coming out of it quicker now.”

“I have gained a great understanding of him and his actions and my/our behavior towards him. How we can act and find solutions to help him and ourselves in different situations.” 

Lotta feels that the future is bright:

“”Feeling really good now, we constantly had a bad conscience that it was our fault often but now we have gained so many tools and understanding for him in his actions in everyday life.”

What Lotta feels she got the most out of her time with private coaching with me is:

“Making a dog feel safe and helping him build self-esteem is so important!”

“Private coaching is a very good way to get personal help with your dog. Ulrika understand both owner and dog and explain pedagogically and simply how you can act in everyday life and in training. She’s an easy-going, person”

I have loved working with Lotta and Nino and it was so much fun to see the dog he had become, from pacing and whining throughout our training session to calmly laying down and chilling in a completely new environment. Thank you so much for letting me join you on your journey!

Another feedback from Lotta sounds like this (December 2022)

“Nino is doing really well, he is like a different dog now. Not as stressed, can lie down quickly even when he gets stressed. He learns and listens, can be loose and comes when called. So very nice! We are so pleased 🤗”



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