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Barking at visitors

Problemhund stressad hund skäller på besökare
Does your dog go crazy when you have people over? How would it feel if there was a knock on the door and all was calm and quiet?

I help you achieve peace and harmony at home, so you can have friends over without feeling sweaty and nervous.

Together we will improve your dog’s health and behavior so you both can enjoy life again.

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Do you feel anxious about inviting people over for coffee? You’ve probably tried to train your dog to sit and wait for visitors to come in, but it always end up in a barkfest.

Do you feel more and more isolated and feel that every visit is one big stressor for you and your dog?

I understand how it feels to be stuck in a daily spiral of shame and frustration over your dog’s behavior. There is hope, I promise!

Let me make one thing clear from the beginning…. You are NOT alone and it is NOT YOUR FAULT! I would never blame you. You are the best dog parent your dog can ever have. You’re here right now which means you want the best for your dog so don’t give up just yet.

It’s my job to help you develop the tools you need to achieve a stress-free life with your dog. I’m an expert in stress and reactivity, and I don’t do training like everyone else. So if you’re ready for something different and innovative, read on.👇

Together we can show the world how amazing your dog really is!


“Have already recommended this to several dog owners who have said they are experiencing problems with their dogs.
A great form of coaching where during zoom meetings you get concrete tips and tailored exercises to work with your particular problem areas, and always in a very positive and supportive way – both for dog and human.”

– Skye & Johanna


Reactivity in dogs is a sign of an inner imbalance. Health, stress and behaviour are closely linked. If one of them is out of balance, the rest will be too. What many believe is only a behavioural problem is often stress or health related.

Being able to help you with all three of these parts is unique, and without this holistic perspective, no training will be long-lasting or successful.



Recently I was asked why I chose to work with stressed dogs. The simple reason is that I have been there myself. I have been ashamed of my dog ​​and felt anxiety before every visit. I know how it feels to have a dog that barks like crazy as soon as the doorbell rings.

I understand how it feel when you hesitate to invite someone over. The world is getting smaller and smaller with each passing day.

This is the reason why I chose to work with you. You deserve a trainer who listens to you and understands what you are going through. With me, you and your dog get my full attention. I want you to feel supported and listened to, and of course I want you to achieve the progress you and your dog deserve. All so that you can leave the frustration and fear behind you and start enjoying life again.

Many trainers, instructors and dog behaviourists out there will not be able to help you the way I can. Trust me, I’ve been to many over the last 10 years, but no one considers that the dog’s health and stress levels can play a role. I was the same, for a long time. But soon noticed I wasn’t seeing any long-lasting results. Therefore, I began to learn more and more about how dog food, health and behaviour are connected and can affect the dog’s mood and health. This is the icing on the cake that gives you the success you deserve.

Pepper and her owner practicing optimism with Ulrika over Zoom.


I chose this way of working long before the pandemic. I did so because it is the most effective way to work with stressed and reactive dogs.

By working online, we remove a lot of unnecessary stress for your dog. You’ve probably been on a course where your dog got so stressed that he barked the whole time? Or does your dog behave perfectly on the course, but as soon as you get home the same old behaviours come out? Or would an instructor on-site make your dog extremely stressed?

When you and I meet online your dog can actually absorb what we want to teach him/her. And you will also feel calm and relaxed, instead of being nervous of your dogs behaviour. This is how we will help your dog overcome his problem faster than a course ever could.

Online training is quite simply the key to fast progress for your reactive dog.

Ready for a change?



This is how I can help you

In our regular online meetings, I guide you through the theory and exercises that I have hand-picked for your dog’s personality.

At the end, you will know your dog from the inside out, so you know exactly why they bark and lunge and how to teach your dog new behaviours to cope with stressful situations you encounter on a daily basis.


Coaching call via Zoom (online video chat)

We meet regularly and go through your personal training plan, step by step.

New thinking and innovative methods

Here we don’t do things like everyone else… because what everyone else does doesn’t really work! We’re 100% positive reinforcement based. 


Structured training plan

…so that you know exactly which exercises should be prioritized for your dog and when.

Hand-picked exercises for your dog

…so you know that your dog is getting exactly the right help based on his personality and problem.

Deep dive into stress and stress management

…so you can teach your dog to deal with his stress in the right way.


Easy exercises you can weave into everyday life

… so you don’t have to spend tons of hours on your dog’s training every week.


I love to help caring dog mums like you understand your dog in-depth and give you all the tools you need so you never have to feel frustrated with your dog’s behavior again.

If you’re ready for a change – apply today and I’ll get back to you shortly!