Noah, an anxious Shetland Sheepdog who barked at dogs on walks. Now he can finally go for a calm walk with his mum.

“He has become SIGNIFICANTLY calmer on the walk”

When Noah’s mum contacted me at the beginning of 2021, she described Noah like this:

“He lunges at dogs on the walk. He is also close to bark in other situations, and gets stressed easily. It’s hard to watch because I see that he is very tense and stressed quite often on walks and I can’t help him.”

The focus for Noah was calm, optimism and disengagement. Resting was most needed at home, where he liked to bark at the neighbors out the window and was on edge when his mum and human siblings walked around. Out on the walk, it was mostly his insecurity and his herding dog behaviours that got him in trouble. After 6 months of training, Noah’s mum now says this:

“He has become SIGNIFICANTLY more calm on the walk, getting better quality of rest, has become a little more confident”

What Noah’s mum feels what she learned is:

“Loads! Among other things, the importance of rest and how the whole is connected.”

“Then I want to thank you for an incredibly rewarding coaching! I am so glad that I chose to contact you, and I really want to emphasize how important this has been for me, but above all for Noah. Now it feels like we have a good balance to work from. There will be difficult days and difficult dog meetings, but now we have the tools to work through the difficult meetings and also the time after.”

It has been amazing to see Noah go from strength to strength and even though the dog meets still need to be developed, they have taken extremely big steps forward and I know they will come all the way to the finish line. I wish you all the best in the future. ❤️


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