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Have you ever wondered if your dog is feeling ok? Reactive behaviors are often a sign that your dog’s physical and mental state is out of balance. 

I won’t just teach you how to train your dog, but together we make sure your dog feel as good as possible, inside and out. This is what makes me different to other trainers. This is the reason why I see amazing results in all my coaching clients.

I am of course advocating 100% force free methods. 

Read on if you want to know more about why my holistic view is the best life strategy for you and your dog.


Often, we only see the tip of the iceberg when it comes to stress. There is so much that adds to your dog’s daily stress (or the stress cup as I call it). Much more than you think.

A stressed dog can’t learn anything new. Imagine if someone tried to teach you maths when you’re late for work and you’re trying to find your car keys!

This is where many other dog trainers and behaviorists choose to train your dog. Even though everything you try to teach your dog under stressful conditions goes in one ear and out the other.
This is why I always start with a stress detox for you and your dog, so that afterwards we can:


1. Teach your dog what we want him/her to do instead of reacting to people or dogs.
2. Teach your dog to de-stress faster after stressful events.
3. Teach you how to see early signs of stress and know what you can do to stop your dog’s stress cup from overflowing.

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Having a dog that is healthy is essential for training to be successful. Training a dog that isn’t feeling well is like shoveling while the snow is still falling.

A new study has shown a strong link between reactivity, stress and the dog’s intestinal flora. This may sound strange but our guts control a lot of our emotions. And emotions we can all agree are what control your dog’s reactive behavior!

Studies have shown that poor gut flora can lead to anxiety and stress in dogs. Feeding a balanced diet with fresh fibers and meat makes your dog feel better in both body and mind!

We will also talk about your dog’s physical health. Pain and reactive behaviours are closely linked. I team up with the best physiotherapists so you can learn how to take care of your dog’s body in the best possible way.


When we’ve got your dogs stress-levels under control, and we know your dog is as healthy as he/she can be, it’s time to tackle the behaviour.

Everything starts with your dog’s personality. If you have had several dogs of the same breed, or perhaps you have met dogs from the same litter… you know they all have different personalities.

So why do we expect “normal” dog training to work for all dogs, regardless of personality?

You might have a dog that gets over-confident and likes to run up people or dogs on a walk to say “hi!” enthusiastically. Or your dog is nervous of people/dogs and if they get too close, that explosion of lunges and barks will happen.

These behaviors are guided by different personality traits. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when working with stressed dogs. So the more personal your training is, the greater and faster change you will see.

This is the key to results that really last!


I chose this way of working long before the pandemic. I did so because it is the most effective way to work with stressed and reactive dogs.

By working online, we remove a lot of unnecessary stress for your dog. You’ve probably been on a course where your dog got so stressed that he barked the whole time? Or does your dog behave perfectly on the course, but as soon as you get home the same old behaviours come out? Or would an instructor on-site make your dog extremely stressed?

When you and I meet online your dog can actually absorb what we want to teach him/her. And you will also feel calm and relaxed, instead of being nervous of your dogs behaviour. This is how we will help your dog overcome his problem faster than a course ever could.

Online training is quite simply the key to fast progress for your reactive dog.


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